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Window Cover Review

Taken from his post on Ford Transit USA Owners Facebook Group

“Bottom line – STELLAR product!”

Daryn Reid
Knarly Vans Ford Transit Passenger Window Covering review!
About a month ago, Brian was gracious enough to allow me to test out his prototypes of the newly released Knarly Vans window coverings. Bottom line – STELLAR product!
My Van is a 2022 Ford Transit Passenger (HR, LWB, EB, AWD) with Boundless Adventures System, and Bug Walls already installed (no max fan, extra insulation, etc)
When Brian sent these to me, he wanted me to do a “blind” installation, meaning not watching the video and only knowing some trim tools could prove “useful”. Recommend starting at the center/top of the window, each covering has small magnets sewn into the edges for clinging to the metal behind the trim. Pull the trim back ¼” and start pressing behind the trim until you hear the small “click” of the magnet finding the metal around the windows. All told, it took me roughly an hour to get all windows sorted correctly (even going around my driver side egress window proved easy).
Hardest window was the passenger sliding door window, recommend having this window be your 2nd or 3rd one you install – simply because you don’t want it to be dark as night while your putting that one in (I had to use a head lamp ).
Once the covers are installed, the blackout works almost TOO GOOD! Sitting in 2pm full sunlight, they cut out so much light, I am going to need additional interior DC lighting for when the van is off
Lift zippers, lift accordion flaps, snap on retaining straps, and now you’re looking at the great outdoors – EASY PEASY!
Windshield cover does move the rearview mirror a bit when installing/removing the cover, very minor thing but just be aware
Driver/Passenger window with fold down netting works like a champ, and can be stored in the front overhead if you have it
Observations / Recommendation:
Recommend leaving the passenger slider door window in the raised position while driving, makes checking side traffic efficient
Rear doors become all but useless for rearview mirror utilizations as the center “pillar” width essentially doubles, not a big deal as it was already almost pointless anyways
Will need two trim tools on occasion, one to pry the trim (lower corners mostly) and one to press in the window covers edge
Once all edges are pressed in, you can still “maneuver” the window cover to square it up by simply using your hands
Thermal heat transfer is GREATLY reduced – just sitting in the sun (tested at 90*), the van does warm a bit, so be sure open some doors/windows to get cool evening air in before going to bed, same event my buddies cargo van was easily 20* hotter and his van is packed with wool insulation
Removal is super easy, just gently pull the edges from behind the trim and done, full removal takes maybe 10 minutes
You won’t be disappointed!