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Thanks to our friend Andy for documenting how he installed his Knarly Vans B-Pillar Lagun mount in his Dodge Promaster camper van. There are several ways this mount can be installed, either in the stock holes or making your own holes on the B-Pillar to modify the mounting points. Our van-fans find this is a relatively install for their Dodge Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter, or Ford Transit camper vans either on the Driver or passenger side. Our Lagun Table mounting plate works with either the standard mount, or sliver mount from Lagun USA and bolts are provided.

Remove trim to expose B-Pillar.

The trim can be tricky to remove on your Dodge Promaster. Make sure you’re familiar with clip positions to get it free. Once you have the trim loose you’ll be able to see our next step.

Items required for install:

  1. Trim tools
  2. Riv-nuts 
    1. We recommend these twist resistant riv-nuts from mcmaster for the Dodge Promaster. Unfortunately you can only buy packs of 25. We’ll work on including them as an add-on soon!
  3. Riv-nut install tool
    1. This drill attachment is handy and makes quick work of rivnuts. You can also install without a tool, if you get creative!
  4. Drill
  5. Knarly Vans Lagun B-Pillar Mounting Plate
  6. Spacers if desired


Lagun Table Mount Install dodge promaster

Install riv-nuts into the stock holes.

The Lagun Table mount will secure to the B-Pillar in your Dodge Promaster with two M6 rivnuts. The stock holes on the Promaster are hexagon, which fit “twist resistant” riv-nuts


Complete the installation

You can add a spacer behind the trim if desired, accomplished a few different ways.

  1. Using a piece of wood as Andy did, drill holes to match the Knarly Vans B-Pillar Lagun mount that fits under the trim.
  2. Use washers behind the trim
  3. Cut a larger diameter hole through the trim, large enough for a washer. Install behind the Lagun Moutning plate to stand off the plate to the outside of the trim
  4. No spacer, and tighten the trim against the metal


Knarly vans lagun table van life mount install in dodge promaster
Lagun table swivel desk for promaster campervan