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Seats and Seat Holes

And how to cover them!

While not the definitive guide on Ford Transit seats yet, I wanted to add some information on questions I get asked a lot. Mainly what seats fit where, and how many seat hole covers do I need?

How many seat hole covers do I need?

Van Owner
This is a question based on how you plan to layout your van. In a 15 passenger LWB non-extended you could use up to 25! Do you need 25? Probably not…Let’s go over some information
This is a all butts on board 15 passenger LWB (148) non extended Ford Transit XLT. You can see I’ve highlighted the rails, potential seat hole covers, and where you might need seat holes. If you’re planning on converting a passenger wagon chances are you will never have this many seats in your van.
15 passenger ford transit
2018 year Transits had a fixed jump seat, which mean two bolt down claws to step on. 2019 they wised up and made this quick release.
These fixed seats have bolts that go into the wall, as well as bolt down to the rails

Let’s look at the different types of seats. There are quick release seats and fixed seats. This is exactly what it sounds like quick release seats have a rotary latch mechanism on the rear of each leg. Pull up on the handle of each leg and tilt the seat forward to remove. Doing this with the 3 person bench requires tricks, or a partner. The fixed seats have a welded bracket rather than the rotary latch. These also bolt to a raised bracket that is welded onto the rail.

Of all the quick release seats there are 6 different types found in the LWB configurations as of today. There are a few different configurations found in the RWB I believe.

  • 3 person bench
  • 36″ 2 person bench
    • 3rd/4th row drivers side 15 passenger, 3rd row 12 passenger
  • 31″ 2 passenger Drivers Side
    • 4th row 12 passenger, seats have an overhang to the left to clear the wheel well
  • 31″ 2 passenger Passenger Side
    • 4th row 12 passenger, seats have an overhang to the right to clear the wheel well
  • 31″ 2 passenger Back
    • 15 passenger 5th row, seats are centered over the rails
  • Single Jump Seat
asdrew fordtransitforum 31in seat

photo: @asdrew FordTransitUsaForum

Here you can see the difference in a 31″ seat and a 36″ seat. This is a 12 passenger with the passenger side 31″ bench removed.

Quick Release Transit seat bracket

This is the quick release seat bracket, removed from the seat-obviously. Earlier versions may have been sans handle, and people have used zip ties or bought the OEM handle to replace.

15 Passenger

148 LWB Non-Extended

15 passenger ford transit
3 person bench seat. Heavy.
36″ 2 person bench
Quick release jump seat
31″ centered quick release seat

12 Passenger

148 LWB Non-Extended

12 passenger Ford Transit XLT
3 person bench. Heavy.
36″ 2 person bench
quick release single jump seat
31″ drivers side 2 person bench
31″ drivers side 2 person bench

Looking at these two popular configurations and the seat rails, you can see the spacing and get an inkling of what goes where. But, this drawing is not to scale either…

So what fits where?

Row 2:

  • 3 person bench
  • 36″ 2 person bench
  • 31″ 2 person bench driver side
  • 31″ 2 person bench passenger side (although this will stick out)

Row 3:

  • All of the above, except the 3 person bench
  • Only the jump seat in the jump seat location, this one doesn’t fit anywhere else

Row 4:

  • All but the 3 person bench

Row 5:

  • 31″ centered 2 person bench, no real options here
15 passenger interchangeable seats

Place holder….more info coming.