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Juice Resistant

Creates a seal to prevent those spills from reaching beneath the floor

Easy Installation

Patent pending design makes for install or removal in under 30 seconds

Ford Transit Seat Hole Cover for your wagon

Universal Fit

2015- Present and both front and rear quick release holes, as well as some custom floor installs

Retain your seats

What if Grandma needs a ride? Don't cover your seat mounts permanently with our easy to remove covers

Finally Cover the Snack Trap

One day my son dropped a bag of goldfish in the van. They went everywhere, and with the seats removed from the second row, everywhere included beneath the floor. With over 10 years experience in product design and manufacturing we created the first patent pending floor hole covers for the Ford Transit Passenger Van. Finish the floor in your camper van, utility van, mobility van, or whatever van with our seat hole covers for your Ford Transit.

Knarly Vans Seat Hole Covers in Vandoit